Asia Vox -アジアヴォックス- 中国を始めとした、アジアのTV番組制作・コーディネート

VOX=VOICE in Lingua Latina Vox Populi, vox Dei.

The voice of the people is the voice of God.

Asiavox is a communications company involved in the production of TV programs and real estate bussiness. We are located in Tokyo, Japan.

Contact:TakadanoBaba, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan Takadanobaba bld. 8th floor 1-26-12 TEL: +81-3-5292-2342(TV Programs Division)
Email Takadanobaba bld. 7th floor 1-26-12 TEL: +81-3-5292-2340(Real Estate Division)

AsiaVox TV Programs Division

We produce TV programs all over Asia.

New information

★The Gold nymph prize went to NHK production and Asiavox’s “NHK Special ‘China in a torrent ? the patient parade'”. The program won the “Best news documentary” section in the 49th Monte Carlo television festival on June 12th 2009 (Japan standard time)
激流中国激流中国 病人大行列~13億人の医療

★The program “NHK Special ‘China in a torrent ? the patient parade'” won the highest reportage prize in the 22nd international television image festival (FIPA).

※There are more than 1000 applicants for each section, such as drama, music, and plays. 16 contributions from countries all over the world remained in the last audition in the reportage section, and this was the first time for Japan to win a prize in this contest.富人と農民工チベット・聖地に富を求めて

Moreover, in the “China in a torrent” ?series, we were were given the opportunityto take charge of the coordination of “Tibet ? The holy land in search of wealth “.


We are very honoured to recieve these prizes, and we wish to express our gratitude to all parties concerned with the production.


High-Vision special “Maike ? The clash of the iron and the sickle. “

Producing and writing: NHK-cooperation

Production: Tokyo video center and NHK Enterprises 21
Producer: Atsushi Tajima
Composition:Takeshi Sano
Production generalization: Youji Watanabe, Megumi Kitagawa
Project and coordination: AsiaVox (led by Liu Qing Yun)

The wheat field in the Hwang Ho valley in China faces the time of harvest in May.
There are farmer working away from home, reaping the wheat in China, and they have been doing it for a long time. These people are called “Maike”.

The wheat fields in the wide Chinese continent enters the harvest season starting from the south, and gradually moving upwards to the north. The “Maike” works away from home, traveling northwards, following the harvesting season while harvesting the ripe grains.

The old tradition of working away from home in this manner has changed greatly in the last few years. Rich farmers now have the ability to buy large harvesting machines, thus outrivaling the poor Maike-farmers. The harvesting still continues, even though there is a hard choice between the efficient harvesting machines and the traditional Maike-farmers.. The reality of the chinese farm village that keeps being reformed is drawn by the struggle between traditional Maike and modern ones.

Traditional “Maike” and new combine “Maike” – Poor farmer and rich farmer. The program reflects the two dreams that intersect in the wheat belt in the chinese Kanan district during the time of harvest.

Hi-Vision Special
Superb view of China
“Utopia of Shangrila – The holy mountain”

Producing and writing:NHK
Composition:Naoko Saito
Coverage: Atsushi Kakinokami
Production generalization: Masayuki Takase
Research coordination: AsiaVox (led byLiu Qing Yun)


Satellite live special program
“Panda for a day. ”

Producing and writing:NHK
Coordination: AsiaVox (led by Liu Qing Yun)



Special program commemorating the 30th anniversary of diplomatic relations.

Live coverage by high-definition television satellite

「Views of Keilin, China」

Producing and writing: NHK
Coordination staff participation:


NHK Special
Offense and defense in the world market
“Super stars, and the best products”

Produce and writing: NHK
Composition: Taizan Ozawa
Production and generalization: Shinichi Terazono
Resarch and Cordination:



NHK Taiga Drama
「Tokimune Houjyou」

Produce and writing: NHK
Chinese location/coordination:


The world journey of the heart
「China – Thank you for the days in the attic」

Traveler: Tetsuya Chiba
Producing and writing: NHK
Joint production:
Tokyo video center and NHK Enterprises 21
Producer: Atsushi Tajima
Composition: Takeshi Sano
Production generalization: Makoto Asahina, Hideki Motegi
Reserch and Cordination:
AsiaVox (led byLiu Qing Yun)


in the middle of China
”1000km to go”

Producing and writing:NHK
Co-producing:Temjin・NHK Educational
Producer: Yoshiaki Kojima
Composition: Toshiyuki Arai
Superviser: Hiroaki Mori Tetsurou Kamemura
interview・Cordination: AsiaVox
(led by Liu Qing Yun)


We want to recite the voice of the people
~The struggle of commercial TV production in Mongolia~

Producing and writing: NHK
Co-produce: AsiaVox・NHK Enterprize21

Producer: Naoya Horiike, Tadaaki Kobayashi
Composition: Yoshihiko Yokose
Superviser: Nobuaki Senmoto Toshirou Okada
AsiaVox(led by Enhe Amagaran)


Risking their lives to save and protect.
~Sri Lanka – A temple in the battle field~

Producing and writing: NHK
Co-producing: AsiaVox・NHK Enterprize21
Producer: Naoya Horiike
Composition:Masahiko Kise
Superviser:Haruo Sahashi, Yoshihiro Miyashita
Superviser:Nobuaki Senbon,Toshirou Okada
AsiaVox (led byRaja Sooriya)


World Walker
Step into a dream in the city of theatres.

Seoul, Korea

Producing and writing: NHK
Co-producing: AsiaVox・NHK Enterprize21
Producer: Naoya Horiike Tadaaki Kobayashi Ryoichi Sano
Composition: Masahiko Kise
Superviser: Nobuaki Senmoto Toshio Nakanishi
AsiaVox (led by Chou Teimi)

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